Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've changed our name

I was not even thinking about crocheters when I started this group, and for that, I am sorry. So I'm looking forward to adding a few more folks in here, and really get this ball rolling. Once we get set, I'll be adding blog buttons for y'all and a prize or two, too. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Possible pattern...?

Hello ladies!

I stumbled across this hat pattern that could be the base of our hard hat(please excuse the eyelash yarn):

Would anyone be able to tweak it a bit so it looks more like a hard hat?

Oh, and here's a bit of eye candy for us all:

Enjoy your day...I know I will now. ;o)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lead on a Knitted and Felted Hardhat

I got a note from hiptobeme on Ravelry about a lead for a knitted hardhat:
In Knitted & Felted Toys by Zoe Halstead there is a toy called Builder Ben and he wears a hard hat and has a tool belt

So does any one have that book? I'm going to Borders in San Juan tomorrow and I'll look for it. I bet we can modify it to be a full size hard hat.

Should we have a deadline for projects?

Or should we just let people come and go as they please. I tend to dislike deadlines, but they do cause me to finish things. Please weigh in with your thoughts. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More ideas

One person on the Mike Rowe Fans group on Ravelry suggested the Happy Poo pattern. There was a lot of caca in the first season of Dirty Jobs, wasn't there?

I think I might try to knit him some safety goggles. Poor Mike gets yuck in his face and eyes a lot, doesn't he? Not sure where to start designing something like that, but I like a challenge. ;)

In case you are in need of more inspiration, here is a List of Dirty Jobs Episodes from Wikipedia.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dirty Dishcloths

I'm wasting some valuable kids-watching-tv time by searching out dishcloth patterns that resemble some of the many jobs that Mike has performed on the show:
Construction Worker cloth
Shark cloth
Monkey cloth

I"m sure there are more, but those are the first few that struck me as topical. Plese feel free to put additional ideas in the comments section, and I'll add them as we go along. :)

And now, I leave you with this LOLMike from a photoshop challenge thread at . That thread contains many photoshopped images of Mike Rowe in various spurious dirty jobs, some of them icky (not to mention NSFW). So click at your own risk.

Monday, October 8, 2007

You know what I'd really really love to knit here?

A hard hat. I'm envisioning a bright yellow, probably felted wool noggin guard. I've spent untold hours with The Google trying to find someone who has written a pattern for such a thing. But alas, I have struck out. If only I were a hat designer...

You know, I even looked around for a crochet version. Those crocheters have created some really odd stuff, but no hard hats. Go figure.